Services We Provide

Based on its extensive expertise, NMX Consulting provides a range of
services which include:

Tech Support Consulting

NMX Consulting offers advice and assistance for life science businesses
with regard to setting up & successfully managing a technical support
group, formulating & setting prices for product specific warranties &
service plans, and sales of & order processing for service plans.

Confocal Microscopy Applications Support

NMX Consulting provides applications support for confocal microscopy,
including assistance in sample preparation & labeling, sample scanning &
analysis, training of users, customers and/or sales staff, product
demonstrations, etc.

In addition, we have access to various microscope systems, including a
Ultima, capable of capturing and analyzing confocal fluorescence,
confocal reflection, and conventional transmission images.  This allows us
to offer customized sample scanning and analysis services.

New Product Development

NMX Consulting provides assistance in new product development,
particularly in the transfer of ideas and/or prototypes to actual products.

Editing / Writing of Grants

Grants form an attractive source of funding for the development and
commercialization of products and technologies.  NMX Consulting lends its
expertise in grant review prior to submission, as well as assistance in the
writing process.