Confocal Microscopy Applications Support

NMX Consulting provides applications support for confocal microscopy.  
Applications support may be provided to companies which
manufacture/sell confocal systems, to users of confocal microscope
systems, or to anyone else who is interested in learning more about this
exciting technology..

Based on 8 years of employment with Meridian Instruments, one of the
pioneering companies in confocal microscopy, we offer a wide variety of
services, including (but not limited to):

Sample Preparation & Labeling

Samples need to be properly prepared for confocal scanning.  Depending
on the type of analysis (fluorescence, reflection, transmission), appropriate
labels or stains must be applied.  When using fluorescence, numerous
probes are commercially available, each with unique excitation and emission
characteristics.  Also, care must be taken to incorporate appropriate
controls in the protocol.

We can help you make the correct decisions in order to maximize your
chances of success.

Sample Scanning & Analysis

Once samples have been prepared, they must be scanned.  Confocal
microscope systems offer a wide range of adjustable scanning parameters.
One must optimize settings to maximize dynamic range while minimizing
photobleaching or other damage to the sample.

Upon acquisition of the data, they may be analyzed.  A wide variety of
analysis tools are typically offered, including (localized) quantitation of
fluorescence signals, analysis of time resolved changes ("kinetics"), 3D
reconstruction of data, etc.

With the availability of a Meridian
Ultima laser scanning confocal
microscope system, we can scan and analyze a wide variety of samples.   
contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Training Sessions

NMX Consulting offers customized training for those interested in using
confocal microscopy.  Subject matter and depth are customized to each
individual session.

Examples of published journal cover pages,
generated by Edwin de Feijter of NMX Consulting:

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