Technical Support Consulting Services

NMX Consulting provides a range of consulting services with regard to the
set-up, management, and day-to-day operation of a Technical Support

Services include (but are not limited to):

Set-up of a Technical Support Group

Many small and medium sized companies do not have a dedicated Technical
Support Group.  Instead, staff members in the R&D, engineering, and
production groups are responsible for installations, repairs, periodic
maintenance inspections, customer support, and customer training.  This
takes valuable time which is often spent better on more creative or
productive activities.  In addition, these individuals may not have the
appropriate qualifications to deal with demanding customers.  In other
cases, companies rely on third parties to provide technical support for their
products.  Aside from the significant cost of this approach, it also makes it
more difficult for a company to take advantage of feedback from customers
as well as technical personnel.  Such feedback is often vital for incremental
product improvement and new product development.

Creating a dedicated "in-house" technical support group greatly improves
the overall image of a company, allows the company to take advantage of
customer and support group feedback, and, last but not least, may provide
a significant source of revenue by offering billable services and service

Management of a Technical Support Group

Once it has been decided to create an in-house Technical Support Group,  
care must be taken to properly balance the available resources and
requirements.  The ultimate goal is always to provide the best quality
support with the shortest response time and at a minimum in cost.

Many decisions have to be made, such as whether some or all support
members are located in-house or in the field, how to implement clear lines of
communication to minimize response times, etc.

Writing of Product Warranties

Typically, companies provide a limited warranty with each product they sell.
 Terms of such warranties vary depending on the nature and price of the
product and type of customer to whom it is sold.

NMX Consulting offers significant expertise in writing such product specific

Writing of Product Service Contracts

Depending on the nature and price of the product, companies may elect to
offer a Service Contract (also referred to as Service Plan or Extended
Warranty) to a customer.  Such service contracts are offered against a fee
after expiration of the factory warranty.  

NMX Consulting offers its services in writing such product specific service
contracts and in setting appropriate prices.

Marketing & Sales of Product Service Contracts

Once service contracts have been written, customers will have to be made
aware of their availability and convinced of their value.

Again, NMX Consulting can help.  We have an impressive track record in
increasing sales of service plans.  In the case of
Genomic Solutions,
contract sales and revenue were increased more than 3-fold from 2002 to

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