New Product Development

New product development encompasses the complete process of
bringing a new product to market.  A critical step in this process is the
transition of an idea into an actual product.  

NMX Consulting offers assistance in this process by offering consulting
services or collaborative product development.

Transition from idea to prototype

Ideas for new products need to be screened in order to determine whether
they are technically feasible and commercially viable.  Once a concept is
deemed viable, further research is needed to determine the production
method and cost, and sales volume and price.  Following these steps, a
physical prototype may be built.

Optimization of prototype

The prototype may be optimized through various test procedures in typical
usage situations, including (internal) alpha-testing and (external)

Transition from prototype to product

Once the prototype has been optimized, a more in-depth analysis of the
technical and commercial aspects of the product is needed in order to more
accurately determine the required manufacturing resources, marketing
resources, sales volume, etc.

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